Hoff Merchandise

Hoff Merchandise

David Hasselhoff pillow

I have been thinking about my style lately, after being mocked by one of my colleagues. He claims that I only wear Hoff-T-Shirts in combination with stuff from Adidas. But hey he is older than me and still wearing Desigual clothes, so little does he know. And one of the many advantages of living in Berlin and working for a startup is that nobody cares what you look like. So let’s see what I find when I have a look around my house:

  • 6 Hoff T-Shirts, two of which are custom-made
  • One David Hasselhoff biography “Making waves”
  • One David Hasselhoff cup
  • 2 pictures on the wall, both originally signed by his Hoffness
  • Last but not least one Hoff pillow, which was produced in “West-Germany”, which means it must be old as hell

I am especially proud of that pillow. This pillow travelled with me through the world and is, at least in my opinion, still in good shape. Since my girlfriend disagrees with my opinion on that one the pillow now is safely stored in our wardrobe instead of in use in our bed. This pillow was a gift from one of my good friends who wanted to throw it away, when he and his parents moved out of their old house. Thanks a lot for that pillow Phil!

I mean look at that pillow, how more awesome can it get?! On one side we have The Hoff in front of K.I.T.T. and on the other side we have K.I.T.T. This little pillow was with me wherever I travelled to in the last couple of years.

Unfortunately I did not honor it enough and left it at the hotel room most of the time. But I will find you some of the pictures, where I took this precious piece outside for some Hoff-moments. I promise.
Cheers and don’t hassel The Hoff.

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