Jump in my car

Jump in my car

One of David’s newest songs “Jump in my car” was originally performed by an Australian rock band named Ted Mulry Gang in 1975. The song even made it to No.1 in Australia that year.

I have to admit that I did not know this before myself. That may also explain two things I was always wondering about.
First, why did The Hoff release that song first in Australia? I always thought he should have released it first in Germany of course.
Second, why the hell is KITT Australian now, meaning why does KITT have the driver’s seat on the right side?

Another thing I had to learn is that apparently this video was voted second worst music video ever by Max channel. Shame on you, how can you not see the true genius of this video? But now enjoy The Hoff in his older years but still looking young like he did in the first episode of Knight Rider. Unfortunately Sony BMG holds the right to that song so if you want to watch the video (and yes you want to watch it) check out Jump in my car on MyVideo.

Another very interesting fact: There was a campaign “Get Hasselhoff to No1” in the UK. Those guys managed to get 40.000 people together to buy The Hoff’s “Jump in my car” at the same time, to get him to the top of the UK charts. Very impressive guys, congratulations  to No. 3!!!

Also check out Ted Mulry Gang’s original version of “Jump in my car”

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