One Hoff to unite them all

Good preparation is the key to success

David Hasselhoff in a blue suitThis is true for business as for your private life. Make a plan and stick to it. Don’t listen to others who say you will fail. Truth is chances that I am really going to meet The Hoff in the end are not the best. Why? Simply because I am not a hot blonde girl with giant boobs, nor am I famous or have contacts to the show business.

But I am determined to stick to my goal and I am willing to invest time and money. To be honest I already invested a lot of time. I did not think that one website will be so much work. But no complaining here. So this is what it took to get the project of the ground.

  1. I registered two domains. Domain No.1 is and I will use this blog to keep you updated on my progress in getting to know David. The second domain is called This domain is also part of my plan but more on that later.
  2. I asked a very talented friend of mine to help me put together a nice photoshopped picture of me and the hoff and the name of my blog. So thanks Christoph, your help is much appreciated.
  3. Of course I owe one thank you to Matze, who helped me set up this website. Sorry for asking many dumb questions but from here on I try to reduce my stupid questions.

So you can see, I am on a mission and I am not alone. The spirit of his Royal Hoffness brought together a lot of people already and not only did they like my idea, but they helped me with joy. Doesn’t it sound familiar? The Hoff and bringing together people (in Germany)?! Yes that’s right dare I say that The Hoff brings together what belongs together? I hope someone asks The Hoff to perform in Korea for New Years Eve this year. I wonder what will happen soon afterwards.

Cheers and don’t hassel The Hoff.

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