Baywatch Rescue Buoy

Baywatch Rescue Buoy

You may know that the Germans like to celebrate Fasching (Carneval). That means drinking a lot of alcohol and dressing up as anything. So if you have the chance to ever attend a German fasching don’t be surprised that you will probably will see 5 guys dressed up as His Royal Hoffness wearing red shorts and carrying a red rescue buoy.

I can speak from experience, because I have dressed up as Baywatch Hoff as well. If you paid close attention you probably already have noticed me on the picture of this website showing proudly my baywatch rescue bouy while holding an alcoholic drink.

And let me tell you this: When you dress up as The Hoff a lot of people will approach you and ask you to sing “Looking for freedom” for you. I wonder why I never saw a girl dressed up as one of the Baywatch girls. I guess February (up to -20 degrees) is not the perfect time to wear almost nothing.

The great thing about the Baywatch rescue buoy is, that you find literally thousands of online shops, where you can order your own rescue buoy. I wonder why nobody had the idea yet to custom made the blinking leather jacket.

The Baywatch buoy or also called torpedo buoy is the state of the art rescue device right now. Older lifebuoys where designed as rings. But they were not suitable to carry people out of the water, because they were too heavy. And anyways The Hoff could never ever pose that cool with a ring around his neck instead of the torpedo buoy.

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