Crazy for you

Crazy for you

One of his most famous songs and also the name of his most sold album “Crazy for you“. “Crazy for you” was released a bit more than one year after his big success of “Looking for freedom”. First released in August 1990 “Crazy for you” was in the charts for 27 weeks in Germany.

Looking back to my childhood you could ask anybody in my elementary school for his/her favorite song and either you got “Kr├Ązy vor ju” or “Lucking vor fridomm” as an answer. Yeah kids these days didn’t learn English from first class on, otherwise we wouldn’t have embarrassed ourselves when trying to write down the titles.

Nevertheless please enjoy another David Hasselhoff classic “Crazy for you”
If you don’t feel like watching the whole video you have to skip to 2:15min and watch David getting tricked by his dog into a rollercoaster ride. Absolutely amaaaaazing! Definitely one of my favorite Hoff moments.

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