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Classic Hoff Videos

David Hasselhoff in concertYou cannot deny, that The Hoff shot some of the most amazing music videos in history. Even if you would turn off the sound the videos should get an oscar for most amazing screenwriting/ acting.

To be honest I don’t remember too many of his videos, maybe I did not watch too much TV when I was a kid. But luckily nowadays the internet is full with videos, live concerts etc from His Hoffness.

So here is a selection of my favorite Hoff videos. Of course send me some suggestions if I missed one of his fantastic videos.

  • Looking for freedom: live at Brandenburger Tor, live in concert Berlin 2011, original video, all of which are awesome I cannot pick a favorite. You should decide for yourself!
  • Crazy for you: unbelievable acting, especially when the dog traps The Hoff in the roller-coaster
  • Hooked on a feeling: by far his best video and a great song, read more about my special connection to this song on the extra page
  • Jump in my car: One of his newest songs, but yet already an all-time classic.

If your favorite Hoff-Song/ Video is missing just leave a comment and I will add more of them.

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