Blinking leather jacket

The blinking leather jacket

Mustafas Gem├╝sekebap

David Hasselhoff’s blinking leather jacket is the most awesome garment you can wish to call your own.

And believe me I have tried to google it so many times but I never found out where he got that one from!

But when did this blinking leather jacket first appear? This leather jacket was first seen when David performed his legendary New Years Eve concert in Berlin 1989. At first you may think it is an ordinary leather jacket. But when you are paying close attention you will notice, that David switches it on before giving his best live performance ever.
I guess never before or after has anyone had a better outfit than The Hoff on that evening. Of course this was not the last time the blinking leather jacket saw the light of the earth.

When performing “Looking for freedom” at his Berlin concert in 2011 the crowd could not believe what it saw. The blinking leather jacket had returned to Berlin!

There are millions of other pictures showing The Hoff in leather jackets, but I cannot recall any other occasions, where he wore that blinking leather jacket. But if you know more about the jacket please let me know and I will keep you up to date.

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