Hoff TV shows

David Hasselhoff TV shows

David Hasselhoff is not only a great singer but he is also famous for being a great actor. Most people remember David because of two TV shows, Knight Rider and Baywatch.

Knight Rider
This classic 80s Tv show was the beginning of David Hasselhoff’s unbelievable career. David staring as the main character Michael Knight and of course his friend and partner KITT, the speaking car, turned out to be the best partners in Tv history. For more information check out the whole article about Knight Rider.

Take a nice beach, half naked hot blond girls, a lot of sun, action and of course a lot of David Hasselhoff and you got the recipe for the most successful TV show ever. Baywatch set out to break all records being on air in more than 144 countries and viewed by more than a billion (in German it is eine Milliarde) people.


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