Looking for freedom

Looking for freedom

These 3 words changed the world. I don’t know if any other song ever had such an impact on the people of Germany. “Looking for freedom” came out 1989 and was written by Jack White. Jack White is one of the most successful German songwriters and also wrote songs for artists like Tony Marshall or Roland Kaiser.

What a lot of people might not know is, that The Hoff was not the first one to perform this song. But in his defense nobody before him or even after ever performed this song with such passion. “Looking for freedom” was sung in 1978 by Marc Seaberg but was not that successful. Still I want to give everybody the chance to judge for themselves and you can check it out at the bottom of the article.

But back to The Hoff. “Looking for freedom” was No.1 in the charts in Germany (8 weeks), Switzerland (4 weeks) and Austria (2 weeks). So no wonder, that when somebody mentions The Hoff all Germans start humming “Looking for freedom”.

Looking for freedom live at Brandenburger Tor

Performed live on New Years Eve 1989 and probably one of this moments, that you never forget when you saw it live. Check out how he switches on his legendary blinking leather jacket! He also almost got hit by a rocket fired in his direction. But nothing could stop The Hoff from writing TV history that night.

Looking for freedom original music video

Just have fun watching this song. Turn up the volume! And enjoy David’s performance with KITT.

Looking for freedom Marc Seaberg

Ok you have to admit it sounds quite familiar but Marc Seaberg is not The Hoff. And therefore it is not as awesome as the “original” Looking for freedom (by original I mean The Hoff’s Looking for freedom).

Auf der Straße nach Süden Tony Marshall

If you read the first paragraph thoroughly the name Tony Marshall should ring a bell. Yes Jack White also wrote songs for that Tony Marshall. And believe it or not, but in 1978 another dude used our beloved melody and sang a song in German called Auf der Straße nach Süden. So please prepare yourself and enjoy some classic German Schlager.

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