Hooked on a feeling

Hooked on a feeling

Forget what you have ever seen in a music video before. This one will blow you off your feet. I can only guess but the special effects in this video probably must have cost a fortune.

Some of you may not have heard the title of this song before but I am sure when I say “Ooga chakka” you know what I am talking about. In “Hooked on a feeling” David takes us on a ride around the world. That glacier he is singing in front of looks like the one in Argentina, but I have no idea what the connection is there to the song. But on the other side I don’t understand why he jumps around in Africa as well. I guess only a mastermind like The Hoff could have come up with such an amazing idea and leaving us behind blown away by (I dare to say it) the best music video ever.

Another fantastic moment of “Hooked on feeling“: The Hoff starts flying! Free like a bird! And not to forget he is driving a Harley again. I guess there are too many highlights to mention so I better let you enjoy the ultimate David Hasselhoff music video.

One thing I have to mention about this song is, that when I was living in Chile with some french friends of mine, everybody was just blown away by David’s performance. I guess the French heard for the first time in their lives that there is music other than “Voyage, voyage“.

After 2 bottles of wine and pisco we decided to rename our house where we were living in to “La casa Ooga chakka“. I think I woke up my roommates with “Hooked on a feeling” every single day. Sorry for that Matthias and Ariel. And also thanks and greetings to Ulises our Chilean dad and proud owner of “La casa Ooga chakka”. May The Hoff still be with you.

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