Who am I?

About me

KITT Knight RiderWell you don’t have to guess too hard to figure out that I am German. No other nationality is crazier about The Hoff than us. But what else am I doing when I am not trying to meet up with David Hasselhoff?

Right now I am working for an online company in Berlin. The company just started two years ago and all of my colleagues are more or less my age (twenty-something).

But we are an international team of people and therefore most of my co-workers never heard of the German obsession about The Hoff. You can imagine it struck them quite as a shock when I told them I went to the best concert ever and showed them 5 times a day videos of The Hoff’s performance in Berlin last year. To their surprise I was not the only nuts who went there, but in total we were 6 people, including my girlfriend, my brother and 3 colleagues (all German) of mine.

I am working in the Online Marketing department of my company. That means we advertise a lot on Google and other display partners. We test out a lot of different banners, so maybe I will suggest to use an image of The Hoff on one of our next banners. I am sure this will increase our Click Through Rate a lot. But coming to think of it, this is not such a bad idea. When you start seeing David Hasselhoff banner popping up everywhere it is probably my fault.

What else is there to say about me? Well I live together with my Portuguese girlfriend in Berlin. Even though i suspect that she doesn’t like The Hoff as much as she pretends for me, she enjoyed his concert as well. She was surprised how much power David still has when he performed for more than 2 hours and wearing several fantastic outfits (yes he wore the blinking leather jacket that should get a place in a museum). More about me will follow soon, but for now let’s try to get The Hoff’s attention.

Cheers and don’t hassel The Hoff.

The mission

The Mission: Meeting the Hoff

David Hasselhoff live in BerlinYesterday night I decided, that one thing I have to achieve in my life is to meet The Hoff. Why? Well first of all I am German and every German should have “I met the Hoff” on his CV. I could tell you thousands of reasons why The Hoff is big in Germany. Who else drove a speaking car, swam with red pants with some of the hottest girls in TV and even had the time to sing such amazing songs like “Looking for freedom”, “Hooked on a feeling” or “Du”.

You may think:”Somehow this name of the blog sounds familiar!” And yes you are right. I am using the analogy to “How i met your mother”, where Ted tells his kids since years how he met their mother. So in a way I thought this would be a nice name for my blog as well, since I haven’t met The Hoff yet and I am going to tell you how (hopefully) finally I will meet his Royal Hoffness.

So what is this blog about? Well don’t get me wrong I am not a crazy stalker who wants to meet The Hoff and waits outside at night in front of his house just to see him. I want to take a different approach. I want to make The Hoff want to meet me. How? Well by telling you my story of how I am trying to get his attention. Maybe after a year or so he will either agree on meeting up with me or getting a restraining order.

I am aware that this will take me a lot of effort and time. Probably some of my colleagues and friends will think this is the stupidest idea ever. But hey, they also laughed at me when I first started playing “Looking for freedom” every Friday at 6 p.m. at work. Now everybody waits for that song to start and if I am off on a Friday my colleagues play that song nevertheless and put me on the phone to listen to it as well. But more on that another time.

So let’s see where this is taking us and enjoy the ride.
Cheers and don’t hassel The Hoff.