How I maybe win a meeting with the Hoff

David Hasselhoff live in BerlinFirst of all bad news, still no call or email from His Hoffness. But probably he is too busy right now to surf the web to find this hidden gem of a website.
So there I am in a big dilemma. What can I do to increase the chances of meeting David? Every once in a while I get an email, when Google (alerts) finds a new website or text, where the words “win meeting hasselhoff” appear.
So one morning I wake up and check my emails, when I see, that I got an alert from Google. Of course I open the email straight away and I see that Galabingo (a UK gambling website) offers the chance to meet His Hoffness.
All you have to do is spend some money on their new (awesome) Hoff-Scratchcard and then send them an email why it should be you and nobody else who will meet the Hoff in London. I guess Galabingo is trying to get more German customers that way, because half of the people who will really write an email will be from Germany for sure.
But coming back to the big dilemma I mentioned in the beginning. Is it cheating to take part in a competition to win a meeting with the Hoff? I say no it is not, because we Germans have a saying: “Im Krieg und in der Liebe ist alles erlaubt” (meaning in my case that in order to meet the Hoff one day every measure is justified).
So here I am writing this text, after having scratched The Hoff on Galabingo, and waiting to get the news that I am one of the lucky guys to win a meeting with His Hoffness.

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